About Us

Maverick Claims, LLC was born out of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which highlighted the need for well-trained adjusters who could provide a quality product. All too often, claims adjusting reports lack the quality and comprehensiveness that company claim representatives deserve and should, frankly, demand. The independent adjuster must be more than an estimator—they must be part counselor, part historian, part investigator, part estimator and part analyzer. If the role of an adjuster was to merely provide a repair estimate, insurers could simply hire licensed contractors. The founders of Maverick, seasoned company claims managers with a keen understanding of what company claim representatives want from their chosen adjuster, set out to create a new standard.

The word Maverick has its origin in Texas, where the colorful pioneer Samuel Augustus Maverick (1803-1870) allowed his cattle to roam freely on the range. Because he wouldn't brand them, an unbranded calf became known as a maverick. To this day, the primary dictionary definition of the word maverick is “an unbranded calf.” Mr. Maverick’s action of not branding his cattle made him different, thus the second definition of maverick when used as a noun is a “nonconformist.” When used as an adjective, maverick means one who is independent in thought and action.

There are plenty of adjusting firms and if we did not intend to bring added value to the market, we would not have embarked on this path. Recent catastrophic events have highlighted many areas of the adjusting industry that could be vastly improved upon. We intend to separate Maverick through implementation of procedures and methods that we believe our customers want out of an adjusting company. Our actions will exhibit independent thought and action.

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